Our technology offerings are supplied through a battery of tests, including bench-scale filter media screening tests, top-load Buchner funnel tests, bottom-load leaf filter testing, and pressure filtration testwork.

Product Launch – Ceramic Fusion Plate

Harnessing over a decade of research and development in the fabrication, testing, quality assurance and in-field performance of micro-porous alumina ceramic membranes, we are in the process of field-trialing our newly launched ‘Fusion’ plate, which employs 3D printed and injection molded parts to avoid costly and heavy stainless-steel hardware and to maximize factory automation. Through initial trialling, we’ve identified this new manufacturing process allows us to increase reliability of assembly precision and to increase factory output by decreasing reliance on humans and traditional tooling.

Competitive Advantage

Superior quality and performance

Our OEM filter cloths are meticulously crafted to precise standards, ensuring unparalleled reliability and performance. Opting for our filter cloths as their filter media allows customers to have more reliable process outcomes tailored to each application and filter.

Meet sustainability goals

Our innovative solutions not only optimize performance but also contribute to your sustainability goals, ensuring prolonged efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

Extended product life

Our reliable filter cloths are proven to last longer and increase filter availability. By opting for our solutions, customers can maximize uptime and reduce expenditures on corrective maintenance.

Increase durability

Our filter cloths are durable against abrasions, shrinkage, and stretching. They enjoy an extended lifespan in comparison to those traditional OEM’s who have outsourced their supply to low quality manufacturers who are non-specialized in mining related applications.

Optimized throughput

Our cloths are designed to optimize throughput and improve filtrate clarity. They have excellent cake release and resistance to blinding.

Trusted OEM supplier

A trusted and experienced supplier for both our own projects and as an aftermarket business for other OEM manufacturers, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific filter media requirements.

Technology Highlights

Continuous research and development in membrane technology is in our DNA
Focus on ergonomic and practical designs to support operations and maintenance staff
Optimized throughput and filtrate clarity
Longer lasting, contributing to higher equipment availability
Hard wearing when it comes to abrasions, shrinkage, and stretching
Trusted process, equipment, and service expertise

Our Process

Our projects evolve, enhancing our understanding, engineering precision, and cost accuracy. We guide clients through this journey, ensuring timely achievement of investment targets. Unlike traditional OEMs, we provide a dedicated contact for comprehensive support from start to finish.


CEC Icon Project Benchmarking

Utilizing a decade's worth of data from labs and operations, coupled with observational analysis, we've created an AI model. It rapidly evaluates material "filterability" by examining their physical, chemical, and mineralogical traits. This assists in predicting costs for different filtration methods, aiding early decision-making and validating engineering feasibility.


CEC Icon Bench-Scale Testwork

To optimize testwork accuracy and quality control, we've launched our subsidiary, Canadian Critical Minerals Research, conducting all bench-scale tests for clients. Our process involves collaboration between technicians and engineering staff to integrate learning outcomes into project stages. Unlike other OEMs divesting in-house labs, we're heavily investing in our 3,000 sq. ft. facility in Kamloops, BC, ensuring comprehensive services.


CEC Icon Conceptual Engineering and Process Flowsheet Development

We offer conceptual engineering services alongside initial testwork results to merge data into practical outcomes. Our process integrates sample data, mineral processing principles, and a mix of proprietary and standard equipment. These studies finalize major process elements, enabling estimation discipline.


CEC Icon Pilot-Plant Testwork

For complex projects, longer-term pilot-plant testwork may be necessary to validate data over time due to sample variability. Our facilities can handle large sample volumes and equipment for onsite pilot studies. We also provide containerized and mobile test rigs for global deployment to customer sites.


CEC Icon Front-End Engineering (FEED) and Detailed Engineering

Once the process flowsheet design is confirmed, we advance the project into a FEED study to improve estimate accuracy. This includes finalizing piping and instrumentation diagrams, equipment lists, and specifications for vendor engagement and procurement. With in-house engineering expertise, we also collaborate with trusted third-party consultants as needed.


CEC Icon Project Execution & Construction

With vast experience in managing large-scale capital projects across remote areas, our team has successfully built plants in numerous countries. We handle all project execution functions, including procurement, logistics, quality assurance, and more. Our personalized project management services add significant value, with our team often acting as owner’s


CEC Icon Operational Readiness (OR)

Operational Readiness is crucial for seamless handover of information from engineering to operations. Our OR phase includes thorough HAZID/HAZOP analysis and collaboration with vendors, ensuring a well-prepared workforce for day-to-day operations.


CEC Icon Commissioning

Upon delivery, we inspect facilities for compliance and authorize equipment installation. We oversee construction verification and assist with assembly as per specs. The commissioning team supervises dry commissioning to detect issues. Wet commissioning follows, transitioning to live operations with slurry feed for filtration.


CEC Icon Operations

After reaching steady-state operations, we support clients through the post-commissioning phase, known as the "valley of death." Our commissioning team remains in operational support roles for the critical first hundred days, ensuring a smooth transition with maximum impact on return of capital.

Why Choose CEC Mining Systems?

Single Point of Contact

A single point of contact to supply full scope solutions through the project life-cycle.

Testing & Design Competency

Competency in the testing, design, and applications of traditional and novel technologies.

Strong Vendor Relationships

Effective working relationships with a diverse mix of vendors and sub-contractors to assemble the best project team.

Team Integration and Support

Integration within the end-user personnel and processes to ensure unified understanding of scope and responsibilities.

Agile Responsiveness

Highly agile responsiveness to end-user requirements.

Boutique Approach

A boutique approach to project delivery.

Startup and Commissioning

Extensive start-up and commissioning capabilities and experience in remote jurisdictions.