Company Highlights

Solutions expertise

Extensive expertise in screening, drying, and filtration, combined with ownership of Canadian Critical Minerals Research Limited (CCMR), enables us to provide full-service solutions for solid-liquid separation and tailings dewatering throughout the project life cycle.

Diverse offerings

We've broadened our product range through partnerships, acquisitions, and licensing, offering diverse process solutions for mining solid-liquid separation. Our redesigned technologies open new avenues to positively impact the industry's triple bottom line.

Global experience

With scalable project engineering and global manufacturing, we have completed projects across the Americas and Africa, collaborating with local fabricators and service providers with deep expertise.

Competitive costs

We customize quality control, test protocols, and instrumentation to meet international standards. Coupled with a lean digital supply chain, we competitively offer capital cost for acquisition and total cost of ownership in any market.

Innovative technology

We offer innovative, affordable filtration tech, revolutionizing mine water management, and waste disposal. Bridging financial prudence with environmental care, our solutions redefine industry standards.

Tailored service delivery

As a turnkey partner, we provide comprehensive solid-liquid separation solutions across the mining cycle. Tailoring services to diverse needs, we assemble expertise from various fields to guarantee project outcomes.

Our history

For over a decade, our dewatering filtration products have been manufactured and sold to mining operations throughout the world. Having achieved the ISO 14000 Environmental Performance and ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification, and successfully installed and supported over 650 systems in eight countries, we are a world-leader in solid-liquid separation technology.



Global Reach & Scalability

We offer scalable project engineering services and manufacturing capabilities on a global scale. With our multidisciplinary, multi-lingual team, we possess the expertise and resources to execute projects in complex and remote regions worldwide. By collaborating with local fabricators and service providers, we've successfully implemented projects across multiple continents. Our stringent quality control standards, test protocols, and state-of-the-art instrumentation and control systems adhere to international standards.

Canadian Manufacturing

Established in 2011, we are a Canadian manufacturer of solid-liquid separation equipment with project experience spanning Australia, the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Based in Vancouver, we have project offices throughout Latin America, and many in-country partners and/or service providers, supporting projects locally as well as internationally. Leveraging a lean, digital supply chain, we compete effectively in various markets, offering competitive capital costs for our technologies.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are invested in the earth – our values are embedded in protecting the integrity of the environments in which we work. Our focus on sustainability drives our design process, aiming to minimize harmful impacts on the environment. Despite potential disturbances from our projects, we remain committed to protecting the project environment’s integrity. This requires understanding environmental risks and integrating sustainability principles into all engineering efforts to enhance long-term environmental sustainability.



Industry Accreditations & Certifications

We adhere to a number of key standards and procedures, which guarantee the highest standard of production.



CSA W59-1 & 2, AWS D1.1, D1.6

Steel Fabrication


Pressure Vessels Fabrication and Test

ASME B31.3

Pressure Piping Fabrication and Test


Storage Tanks Fabrication and Test


Surface and Coating Procedures and Test

NDT and DT

Welding Test


Electrical and Wiring

Our People

Our people embody a distinctive blend of entrepreneurial spirit and engineering expertise, specializing in filtration, mechanical engineering, and project delivery. Our team is also highly international by nature, with many of our people originating from the international markets that we operate in. This is by design to ensure cross-cultural compatibility. As such, we have extensive project experience across Australia, the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

CEC Icon Unique Team

We maintain a dedicated core staff committed to continuous development and abreast of current standards and practices. Our platform is designed to be flexible and collaborative, allowing us to harness the expertise of external resources, contractors, and consultants to form dynamic solution-driven teams.

CEC Icon About Us

As an innovative Canadian manufacturer and world leader of solid-liquid separation equipment, we specialize in ceramic disc-vacuum filtration systems and its application to tailings dewatering, and paste backfill plants, including EPC/EPCM/BOOT project delivery.

CEC Icon Opportunities

Passion drives us, cultivating challenging yet rewarding work environments. Engaging in technically complex projects offers exciting opportunities for our expert staff, sustaining their enthusiasm and commitment to the work that we do. Check out our latest career opportunities.

Our Experts

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Mark Mensing


A Top 40 under 40 in Vancouver 2008, leads CEC Group (AMIX Systems, CEC Mining, CEC Performance Materials). With diverse skills in E-commerce, Intl Business, & Sales, his visionary leadership prioritizes collaboration, personal development, & community empowerment, shaping a thriving workplace culture.

Mark Mensing


Cameron Stockman

Managing Director

Experienced executive with 11+ years in mining and metals. Led successful global capital projects in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and South America, improving profitability and unifying teams for quality, timely completion. Expert in strategic leadership, sales, and project management across industries.

Cameron Stockman

Managing Director

Corrie Cronje


A seasoned leader in mining and metals for over a decade, drives global capital projects across industries, improving profitability and fostering collaboration for timely, quality completions. As COO since 2021, he champions operational excellence and industry advancement at CEC Mining Systems, Amix Systems, and the Canadian Critical Mineral Research Lab.

Corrie Cronje


Community Impact

We acknowledge our community impact, both short and long-term, through employment opportunities and land rehabilitation in the regions where we operate. We are committed to social responsibility, operating within an ethical framework that prioritizes the well-being of society. We believe in maintaining a balance between economic development and environmental conservation, while safeguarding the welfare of affected communities. Our empathy extends especially to local communities, and we actively support their needs.



Why Choose CEC Mining Systems?

Single Point of Contact

A single point of contact to supply full scope solutions through the project life-cycle.

Testing & Design Competency

Competency in the testing, design, and applications of traditional and novel technologies.

Strong Vendor Relationships

Effective working relationships with a diverse mix of vendors and sub-contractors to assemble the best project team.

Team Integration and Support

Integration within the end-user personnel and processes to ensure unified understanding of scope and responsibilities.

Agile Responsiveness

Highly agile responsiveness to end-user requirements.

Boutique Approach

A boutique approach to project delivery.

Startup and Commissioning

Extensive start-up and commissioning capabilities and experience in remote jurisdictions.