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We combine cutting-edge innovation with industry-honed expertise to design, manufacture, and install solid-liquid separation equipment.

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A Canadian manufacturer with a global presence, we deliver tailored solutions for the mining, metallurgical, water treatment and industrial sectors, optimizing processes from lab testing to operational enhancement. Experts in solid-liquid separation and mineral processing, our advanced technologies ensure high performance and low costs.

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Tailings and water management, lab testing, or onsite audits and optimization—no matter the problem, we have an answer with worldwide technical support.

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We deliver bespoke technology solutions to meet our clients’ needs and disrupt an industry long due for change.

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We provide a wide range of effective process solutions to a range of industries, including the mining, metallurgical, water treatment, and industrial sectors.

Bench & Pilot

Giving you the information you need to power your organization...
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Brownfield Audits & Optimization

Manage risks before they emerge and identify opportunities to improve processes...
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Engineering Studies, Turnkey & Integrated Plant Supply

Save time, reduce costs, and build greater efficiency...
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Remote Access & Operational Services

Deploy predictive analytics and remote monitoring for any project...
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Education & Training

Enhance team skills, streamline operations, and prioritize safety...
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Upgrades & Rebuilds

Reduce bottlenecks, improve performance, and save money with an upgrade or retro...
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Ceramic Disc Filtration

Cut operating costs while improving performance and productivity...
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Horizontal Belt

Effortlessly meet heavy-duty washing and high-capacity demands
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Filtration Media

Unmatched filter cloth quality and durable parts engineered to exceed expectatio...
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Rotaspiral Screen

Experience remarkable efficiency, low maintenance, and low energy consumption...
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MIR, Steel Belt Dryer

Continuous and efficient substrate dehydration with zero dust generation or vibr...
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Flocculant Mixing & Addition

Achieve optimal solids loading, rise rates, and underflow rheology...
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Thickening & Clarifying

Prioritize maximum underflow density and overflow clarity...
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Metallurgical & Refining

Solutions driving benefits on productivity, cost savings, and smooth operations...
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Productivity-boosting solution to make your mining operations more sustainable a...
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Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment

Innovative ways to resolve challenges in supply management and sustainability...
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Water & Tailings Management

Practical, innovative, cost-effective strategies to support your site mass and w...
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Commitment to Sustainability

We are invested in the earth – our values are embedded in protecting the integrity of the environments in which we work. Our focus on sustainability drives our design process, aiming to minimize harmful impacts on the environment. Despite potential disturbances from our projects, we remain committed to protecting the project environment’s integrity. This requires understanding environmental risks and integrating sustainability principles into all engineering efforts to enhance long-term environmental benefit.

Innovation & Efficiency

We seek to create a profitable future for our clients by reimagining the industries we serve to align with their goals and needs. Our project engineering services and manufacturing capacity are globally scalable. We’ve executed projects across continents by collaborating with local fabricators and service providers. Our quality control standards, test protocols, and instrumentation meet international standards. Utilizing a lean, digital supply chain enables us to compete effectively on capital costs for our technologies in any market.

Why Choose CEC Mining Systems?

Single Point of Contact

A single point of contact to supply full scope solutions through the project life-cycle.

Testing & Design Competency

Competency in the testing, design, and applications of traditional and novel technologies.

Strong Vendor Relationships

Effective working relationships with a diverse mix of vendors and sub-contractors to assemble the best project team.

Team Integration and Support

Integration within the end-user personnel and processes to ensure unified understanding of scope and responsibilities.

Agile Responsiveness

Highly agile responsiveness to end-user requirements.

Boutique Approach

A boutique approach to project delivery.

Startup and Commissioning

Extensive start-up and commissioning capabilities and experience in remote jurisdictions.

Our People

Our people embody a distinctive blend of entrepreneurial spirit and engineering expertise, specializing in filtration, mechanical engineering, and project delivery. Our team is also highly international by nature, with many of our people originating from the international markets that we operate in. This is by design to ensure cross-cultural compatibility. As such, we have extensive project experience across Australia, the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.